We must fight for our dreams.
If we don’t do this, we stay in the same place.


Music Beyond is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that aims to empower people in developing countries through music and engagement, currently in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

By providing local musicians with the tools they need to grow as performers, mentors, and teachers, Music Beyond fosters an enduring positive impact that extends beyond music into the everyday lives of people.



Through its teacher training programs, Music Beyond provides private and group instruction for local musicians—currently members of the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra in Kinshasa, Congo—helping them to improve their music skills through solo and ensemble performance opportunities. Music Beyond also offers master classes that focus on performing, teaching, and student-teaching with local youth.



Music Beyond’s All-Female Chamber Ensemble "Romance de l'O.S.K.", which was founded within the Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra in 2016, gives Congolese women a safe space to express and explore themselves through music. Music Beyond believes that the ensemble will serve as a beacon of hope for women and girls in Congo and many parts of the world.

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We found within ourselves that women too can create something extraordinary.
— Dauphine, violin