Music is something extraordinary, because music is what is helping me to be strong.
— Josephine
I’m not tired even if it’s difficult, because it’s my choice to become a musician. The objective is to always be moving forward and spreading what I learn to others.
— Jose
We can still choose to live like human beings. Just because we are Congolese, we don’t have to be always sad and frustrated. We can still be proud!
— Jerry
I can miss my food or clothes, but not the music.
— Jacques
We don’t show that we are tired, because we are proud and happy to learn from you.
— Guylly
Music is a part of my life and most importantly, it’s a part of my body. Sometimes I feel like music develops within me the same way as any organs or senses of my body develop. Therefore my day jobs never stop or disturb me from doing my music.
— Johnny
I am just crossing my fingers that this is not going to be the very last time Kaori is visiting us, as we are available for her at anytime...
Because being with her just added something new for me musically as well as personally.
— Nathalie